about us



STORY- Walk with the Dream
▼ 故事《懷夢而行》


"Action + Creativity + Enthusiasm=Superpower of CSR-TAIWAN Summit Brand Marketing Co., Ltd."

This is a place where legends are born and a dream factory that turns the impossible into possible. We are making dreams happen with perseverance, faith, and commitment.


GOAL- Strong because of the Dream
▼ 理念《有夢而堅》

We continuously challenge ourselves and learn new things to grow the quality and capability for our services. We use professionalism as the foundation for our service and creativity as the seed for development to execute each mission in hand with precise communication, disciplined strategy, and quick mobility. 

This is a place with 100% creativity and enthusiasm. We got hundreds of service cases in many varieties from all over Taiwan including all types of arts and culture exhibition and performance art in different area.  For the marketing campaign for special celebrations and festivals in big cities from north to south we plan and execute with precision, devotion and our best effort.  Our outstanding performances and achievements are observed by our clients with 100% satisfaction.




TEAM- Success with Company
▼ 團隊《共伴而成》

We have thirty something elites from all different fields and backgrounds, including graduates with master degree in art administration and management, bachelor degree in journalism and mass communication, bachelor in social service, and bachelor graduates with relevant experience in design and exhibition. 

All personnel are professional, experienced and full of battle strength and we all value professionalism and have elaborate division of labors. With shared beliefs and active mobility, team members for years have shown great achievements and amazing outcomes.