Because we are the best, we are reliable.
Because of our beliefs ,our steps are firm and steady.

Summit Brand Marketing Co., Ltd provides diverse and professional service with multiple dimensions.  Our main services include exhibition design and planning, event design and execution, media marketing and purchasing, foreign and domestic art performance planning, and social enterprise innovating and coaching.  Our services entail customized perseverance in service, meticulous planning in whole, quality business partners, and rich resources with precision.  All the above qualities allow us to earn a great reputation by public appraisal in past years of organizing all kinds of events, local celebrations and festivals, concerts, arts and culture exhibition, and product marketing campaigns.


Besides solid cultural sense of commitment, we possess rich art and cultural resources as our backing and, with flexible thinking, abundant creativity, and tightly knit organization, we can plan with precise anticipation, execute with finesse and efficiency. With consummating professional skills and rich experiences, we successfully participated in many large festivals and earned good evaluations.

Designed To Perform Exhibition The events include Formosa Series Events by Council for Cultural Affairs, 2010 & 2011 Taichung Jazz Festival, 2010-2014 Taichung Jazz Festival, 2008-2011 Chiayi City International Band Festival, 2009-2011 Miaoli International Woodcarving Art Festival, Taipei Hakka Culture Festival, and Hakka Yimin Festival, Taoyuan Art-Blossom…etc.


Summit Brand Marketing Co., Ltd undertakes diverse types of exhibitions , including National Palace Museum, National Science and Technology Museum, National Museum of Prehistory, Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Tamsui Historical Museum and other museums from all over the place.
The major exhibition types are historical type and art & cultural type. For historical exhibitions, we have all kinds of high specification equipments so that the relics are well-protected and through deep understanding, we objectively display and present historical traces.

For arts and cultural exhibitions, we precisely grasp the theme atmosphere to create a master tone. Through meticulous planning of exhibition traffic flow, lighting equipment, visual design, and marketing promotion and, combining with installation of hardware and software, we deliver multimedia presentation, brining the audience a brand new experience for all five senses.

Designed To Perform Exhibition

The historical exhibitions that we designed and executed in recent years-Longquan Celadon Special Exhibition at National Palace Museum, Ancient Lustre Jade in the Liangzhu Culture Exhibition & Qujialing Culture Special Exhibitionat at Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, and Hemudu Culture Exhibition..etc.

Facility Management

In recent years, "Cultural and Creative Industries" and "City Reconstruction" have been taken as the key to expand future competitiveness. In the past decade many countries have increasingly put emphasis on arts and culture related events & exhibitions and they have also actively invested more resources in those. The Blueprint for urban development in Taiwan has also gradually turned to the arts and cultural industry with local features or unique developments. Facility management is the part of that and places with historical atmosphere can have a new value through space renovation.

Art Agency

Summit Brand Marketing Co., Ltd has spent years working in cultural and artistic field. In recent years, Agora Art sponsored the young artists whom are outstanding in disparity art fields, and provide them a spacious performing stage. Through the originality of young artists, Agora Art expects the artistic lifeline of Taiwan will be endless.

Designed To Perform Exhibition

Invited The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra -VJO,Mingus Dynasty,Jimmy Heath,McCoy Tyner,Jerry Gonzalez and Eddie Gomez at 2010 - 2014 Taichung Jazz Festival

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